Here at Naot we believe that all people should have the opportunity to live comfortably and look stylish.

We at NAOT believe that comfort and style belong to everyone, and all people should have the opportunity to make this their way of life. For us, being a global brand comes with a responsibility, and a mission to fit as many feet as possible with the comfort of NAOT.

Thanks to our global retailers and local charities, we get to reach far and wide, and encourage personal expression in places that might not be able to naturally support it. This is how we make the world a better, equal and fair place.

Every year NAOT donates tens of thousands of shoes and sandals worldwide to various organizations and natural disaster areas with the hope that this little addition to these people’s lives will bring joy, happiness and comfort, one step at a time.

Design your own

Naot to Donate!

Download the template to design your own Naot sandal, get creative!

Post your design on social media using #NaotGivesBack @naot.northamerica and we will donate a pair of shoes in your name!